Offer investment diversification to your clients with Managed Futures

From 1997 to 2007, assets under management for the managed futures industry have grown an unprecedented 700% to over $200 billion dollars in assets under management*. For more than 30 years institutional investors have used managed futures as an integral part of a well-diversified portfolio. With virtually no-correlation to traditional stocks and equities, absolute returns, and broad diversification opportunities—managed futures are highly flexible instruments with the potential to profit from rising and falling markets.

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*Sources: information gathered from Barclay Hedge and Casey Quirk April 2009 Hedge Fund White Paper


The Novus Investment Research Process

At Novus Investments, we go beyond the CTA database by performing our own due diligence and going beyond just performance. Our review process includes reviewing the products traded, methodologies, and how they do their research. We often get to know the managers we work with through extensive qualitative and quantitative due diligence learning how they operate first hand.

Our own knowledge and experience in the financial and futures industry makes us particularly qualified to evaluate these firms and help decide which funds work best for our client portfolios.  Of the 950+ managers and 350+ funds we have access to, we find that only a small percentage are suitable for our clients based on a number of factors including level of risk tolerance, historical performance and drawdowns, and professional experience.  Existing and emerging managers are monitored to ensure we provide a variety of non-correlated investment programs to service our clients.


How We Help Investment Advisors Success

Our specially tailored service for Investment Advisors allow you to offer Managed Futures investment services without adding to your workload--allowing you to concentrate on the needs of your customers. From CTA selection and research, account paperwork and other back office tasks, to marketing--learn how Novus Investments helps Investment Advisors provide Managed Futures to your clients. 

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