Novus Investments’ Precious Commodities Managed Futures Program Ranked Top CTA by Autumn Gold for Second Consecutive Year

Novus Precious Commodities, a managed futures program offered by Novus Investments LLC, is ranked Top Performing Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) in the United States for the 5 year period of 2009-2013 according to Autumn Gold. 

Novus Precious Commodities Strategy Objectives

The Novus Precious Commodities Strategy seeks to achieve the maximum growth of capital within defined risk limitations. The Strategy trades commodity futures, both long and short, on a discretionary basis with an emphasis on precious metals.

Our goal is to exploit the underlying trends and volatility with proper risk management tools such as limit orders, trailing stops, and occasional selective option strategies to enhance returns. We believe that the continued expansion of money supply (Austrian definition of inflation), and other inflation-fueling monetary and fiscal policies, along with supply/demand imbalances will help these markets continue to develop tradable trends for years to come.

The goal of the Novus Precious Commodities Strategy is to outperform commodity and managed futures index funds through the prudent use of leverage with proactive management of risk.

Principles of the Novus Precious Commodities Strategy

Novus Precious Commodities is a diversified long/short strategy with an emphasis on precious metals.

This Strategy is neither a buy/hold nor a quant strategy nor a high frequency trading program. If there is any underlying bias to the strategy, it is the belief that all fiat currencies in the world are intrinsically worthless with no absolute value other than the faith and credit that is assigned to them. In a world of Twists, ZIRPs, LTROs and QEs, we feel that something has to give…. And therein lays a tremendous opportunity for profit and risk.

Novus Precious Commodities is an aggressive strategy, and like any other trading strategy it will always have ups and downs and risk of loss, but it is designed to attempt to eliminate fat tail risks through the use of risk management tools such as protective stops.

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